221g white slip administrative processing. –

221g white slip administrative processing

Some applicants are ineligible to receive a U.S. visa under INA section 221(g) due to failure to provide some information or document(s), or some further procedure, or review by the U.S. Consulate or another U.S. government agency (such as USCIS) must be completed.

Even though the 221(g) rule is the same across all U.S. Consulates, different Consulates have been asking for varying levels of information for several visas such as the H1 visa.

And even though the specific color itself may not mean anything, several U.S. Consulates, specifically in India, have been using the 221(g) form of different colors to indicate different types of requirements or problems.

Many cases are put under administrative processing for security review. In most cases, there is no security issue. Still, visa applications remain pending for weeks or months.

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