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221g white slip administrative processing

Some applicants are ineligible to receive a U.S. visa under INA section 221(g) due to failure to provide some information or document(s), or some further procedure, or review by the U.S. Consulate or another U.S. government agency (such as USCIS) must be completed.

Even though the 221(g) rule is the same across all U.S. Consulates, different Consulates have been asking for varying levels of information for several visas such as the H1 visa.

And even though the specific color itself may not mean anything, several U.S. Consulates, specifically in India, have been using the 221(g) form of different colors to indicate different types of requirements or problems.

Many cases are put under administrative processing for security review. In most cases, there is no security issue. Still, visa applications remain pending for weeks or months.

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Visa Approved Status Admin Processing, Form 221g Solution

H1B visa approved however CEAC standing is Administrative processing. VO aforesaid visa Approved. Identity verification – Form 221(g) issued but no documents asked.
After the H1B Visa interview at US embassy in Delhi, India, Visa officer took my passport and told ME Congratulations, your visa is approved and I can get the passport in 2-3 days.

I simply checked my CEAC standing on-line and it says: Administrative Processing. I did NOT receive any kind 221g or the other document whatsoever.

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Why is it in Administrative process then? This is pretty common question during this situation. Don’t worry.

Admin process is that the traditional standing and will mean multiple things with or while not kind 221(g).

A new sort of admin process is on the increase at US embassy after they issue kind DS 5535 to bear your last fifteen year travel history and residence addresses.


Form 221g Processing Time

CEAC – Visa Approved however Status is Administrative Processing standing is common recently when visa interview in US embassy. If your visa was approved and no kind 221(g) was issued, then you’ll expect your sealed passport among 5-10 operating days. No have to be compelled to worry.

Form 221g process takes 7-20 days if no documents are requested and passport is unbroken by visa officer.
Form 221g will take anyplace between thirty days to seventeen months if passport has been came back and leader documents are requested.
It is feasible that US embassy has not issued kind 221(g) however the standing will still show as admin process on CEAC website. But, they’ll still send your application back to USCIS in USA for US work location verification.

In this case, your application standing can show as Administrative Processing even if the visa officer told you VISA APPROVED.


White Form 221g US Embassy Visa Interview – Real Life Case

This real world case happened at US embassy in New Delhi for H1B visa interview. This person worked for direct US leader full time. This H1B visa stamping was done simply when H1B transfer approval in premium.

Visa Officer (VO): How do today?
A: I am doing fine. What regarding you?
VO: What category of visa have you ever applied for?
A: H1B
VO: Which company are you about to work for?
A: ABC Company.
VO: What is that the education of your wife?
A: B.A.
VO: Is B.A. up to Bachelor of Arts
A: Yes
VO: Where have you ever lived in US and wherever are you about to live now?
A: Tampa, FL and Westford.
-I was interrupted by my child here. So, couldn’t answer utterly and was straight off followed by another question.
VO: Westford? Where? In Massachusetts?
A: Yes, Massachusetts.
VO: Is there any consumer otherwise you are about to work directly for this company?
A: There isn’t any client. The work is directly for ABC company.
VO: Please move to consequent window and my colleague can facilitate you.
A: Okay.
They move to next window then were educated that they’re putt the case for body processing. They currently raise following questions:

Q: When did you modify your address in last fifteen years? Is it in 2006?
A: I thought they’re asking specifically regarding India as i used to be in India in 2006. I answered Yes, and gave my Indian address before and when 2006.
Q: Do you have got any brother/sister?
A: Yes, I have.
Q: What is that the name of your sister?
A: XYZ Sharma.
Q: What is that the name of your brother?
A: I don’t have any brother.
Q: When does one will travel?
A: eleventh Oct.
They deliver the white kind 221g however keep passports with them.

Problem (as analysed by person himself and attorney): In this case, this person forgot to inform one in all his address that he lived in USA to VO officer. VO didn’t tell this to the person however instead, simply issued a kind 221(g) with no documents to submit.


Form 221(g) Solution by Attorney

Attorney and person went through the complete transcript of the interview (as written above) and over that VO in all probability had doubts on person’s identity since he forgot to say all his US addresses clearly.

The Attorney in USA then sent associate email to USCIS premium service email directly with clarification on the address that the person forgot to inform the Visa Officer.

The is that the the important email that was sent. I should say that professional person was very sensible during this case and took quick call and really helped the candidate.

The US Embassy was glad and that they cleared the ‘Administrative processing’ among a week. The person had his H1B visa approved in seven straight days together with weekends.

A sensible professional person will very take you far!

Is there risk of Form 221g issue in Canada/Mexico?
You will get admin process kind 221g issued in Canada or Mexico too. The risk of form 221g delay is often high if your work isn’t complete.

What is Form 221g time interval in India?
Form 221g time interval varies between seven days to six months. If the shape 221(g) is issued with request to submit a lot of documents, you’ll expect to attend form ore than eight weeks. If there aren’t any documents requested, then you can expect your US visa approval in 7-30 operating days.

Can I get Passport for Travel whereas Form 221g Admin process is unfinished ?
You will request to induce your passport whereas US embassy is doing their internal admin processing. Once US embassy has cleared your case, they’re going to send an email to submit passport again.

H1B Form 221g in Canada or Mexico
If the visa officer isn’t glad along with your associateswers otherwise you are operating in an EVC (Employer Vendor Client model) with H1B visa, the likelihood is that high for request for a lot of documents.

You can got to keep back in Mexico or Canada if your case gets into Admin processing. It could take 7-14 days to induce your passport with sealed US visa.

You mustn’t book your travel tickets with mounted dates if you are doing get kind 221g as there aren’t any fixed timelines.

Passport Returned by Visa Officer
If your passport has been came back by US visa officer when interview and a kind 221g was issued, then the likelihood is that terribly high that your case process can take at-least half dozen or a lot of weeks.

You can get an email to submit the passport once more as and once the US embassy is prepared to stamp your US visa. Once you submit the passport again, you’ll expect to induce sealed passport back in 7-14 days.

It is vital to stay a buffer of at-least three weeks when US visa interview recently if you’re going for visa interview particularly H1B and L1 visas.

H4 Visa Approved, H1B still Admin Processing
It is additionally doable that with no Form 221 (g) was issued and Visa officer told you ‘Visa Approved‘.

Your dependent’s H4 gets approved however your own H1B visa standing shows as ‘Administrative Processing‘ online.

This typically happens once US embassy is simply corroborative primary H1B’s credentials a trifle bit a lot of or have sent H1B’s application to USCIS to substantiate some more information.
One of them may be ‘Work Location‘.

No have to be compelled to worry, you may get your H1B approved.
Remember, H4 cannot exist while not H1B. If H4 has already been approved, your H1B approval is additionally on the way. Just some of a lot of days to wait.


Reasons for Form 221g

There will any range of reasons for issuance kind 221g by US embassy and a few are often very un-heard of.

Recently, someone was issued kind 221g and asked to submit the small print of CBP encounter at US port of entry. This person had paid the fine for not declaring the food things that he was carrying from India.

We can add a lot of kind 221g reasons here as and once we hear.

Why Identity / Security Checks with Form 221(g) are done?

Identity checks are done by US embassy to induce US agency security clearance on the person before the visa is issued. You cannot expedite the safety check method because the State Department (through the Embassies) takes its security obligations quite seriously.

We have found that after somebody provides the missing or corrected information, the safety clearances will take one to eight we have a tendency toeks, and unfortunately, the govt. pack up will delay these clearances.

The State Department don’t have any specific time limitations to present security clearances.

Sometimes, these clearances are requested simply because somebody with a reputation just like ABC’s name is on a watch list of people WHO committed a criminal offense – then the Embassy should make certain it will clearly confirm that ABC is NOT that person.


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