If you are in the process of filing for your American Citizenship, a criminal immigration lawyer has a professional service available for you.

The lawyer will prepare and send your immigration forms with the proper documentation to the “USCIS”. And he or she will let you know what documents you need to bring with you the day of the interview.

In addition, your immigration forms will be properly filed out without any mistakes.

After your immigration forms are sent to the USCIS, you will get from us a Booklet of 100 questions to be well prepared for your interview with the USCIS.

The attorney has the forms, the professional service, and all the necessary requirements to file for your Citizenship based on your eligibility. He or she will prepare forms for applicants nationwide and internationally. The requirements to file the application forms with the USCIS are all the same all over United States.

Also, the lawyer will be with you during the complete process no matter where do you live regarding your US immigration case, and will keep you informed about any changed related to your process.

However, in order to present your “Application for Naturalization”, you must be well informed that Naturalization is the way immigrants become citizens. If you are 18 years or older and wish to apply for naturalization, you can apply for your naturalization.

If you want to apply for naturalization for a child who is under 18 years old, you should apply for a Certificate of Citizenship.

If you:
– Have been permanent resident for the past 5 years and have no special circumstances;
– Are you currently married to and living with US citizen and have been married to and living with that same US citizen for the past 3 years;
– Are in the US Armed Forced (or will be filing your application within 6 months of an honorable discharge) and have served for at least 3 years;
– Were in the US Armed Forced for less than 3 years.