EB5 Visa For US Immigration –

The purpose of the EB5 is to encourage investment in the USA. It’s a way of bringing in more money which ultimately helps the economy.
The program requires $1,000,000  into a businesses and create 10 jobs.
Once an investor meets this, he is permitted to legally live permanently in USA.
It is very important talk wih an Immigration Attorney to get more information about the eb5 in America.
In the EB5 context, Enterprise means any profit activity formed for conducting any kind  business including, such as:
A sole proprietorship Partnership Holding company Joint venture Corporation Business trust or other entity
A good Immigration Law firm handles commercial litigation cases including, but not limited to:

Cases arising out of contracts between U.S. corporations and Italian companies Breach of contract cases Enforcement of foreign judgments, enforcement of mediation settlement agreements Foreign intellectual property disputes Enforcement of national and international arbitral awards State and Federal Appeals
This Infografic show the Anatomy of an EB5 Investment.