Edmonton Law Courts —

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, a province in Canada.

Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River and in the middle of the Edmonton Capital Region.

In 2011, the City of Edmonton had a population of 812,201, which makes it the second largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest municipality in Canada.

This is approximately 70 percent of the total population of 1,159,869 living in the Edmonton metropolitan area. Edmonton is the northernmost North American city with a over one million residents. Edmonton comprises 375 neighborhoods within 7 sectors – a core area sector, and 6  suburban sectors around it.

Edmonton’s central area is by the city’s core area.

That and the surrounding Boyle Street, Central McDougall, Cloverdale, Garneau, McCauley, Oliver, Queen Mary Park, Riverdale, Rossdale, Strathcona and University of Alberta consists in the Edmonton’s Central Core.

The Law Courts building is the principal courthouse in the city of Edmonton. It hears cases of the Provincial Court of Alberta, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Court of Appeal of Alberta.

The courthouse’s address is 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square, in Downtown Edmonton.

When Edmonton was a frontier settlement, and later a proficuous railway hub, the law courts of Edmonton where located on rented space.

While other law courts were constructed in much smaller towns, Edmonton had to wait until it became the capital of the new province of Alberta.

The Edmonton law courts have jurisdiction over a wide variety of matter, such as family law cases, criminal cases, and immigration cases.

Some criminal offenses, such as white collar crimes, drug trafficking and theft offences carry still penalties and terms of incarceration up to 20 years. Only a few litigation lawyers in Edmonton have experience handling this kind of cases.

If you have any civil, criminal, or immigration matter pending before the Edmonton law courts, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.

If you wait too long, you might not be able to present a valid immigration defense.

For example, a default judgment could be entered against you.



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