How do I get a U Visa in New Jersey? –

If you are approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the U Visa allows both you and your immediate family members to live and work in the country. It also allows you to apply for permanent residency and a green card after three years.

You can apply for the U Visa regardless of your current immigration status, and even if you entered the United States without inspection (without a Visa). On the other hand, even though it is referred to as a “Visa”, the U classification only grants a status. This means that if you leave the United States without having obtained a reentry permit, you might not be allowed back into the country.

The process of applying for a U Visa begins with submitting the application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. There is no filing fee involved, like in other humanitarian Visas. You must file your application with the certification of a law enforcement agency, which will have to use Form I-918B.

For assistance through this process and comprehensive representation, speak with a New Jersey Immigration lawyer. If you file the application on your own, you risk to be denied. When you file your application for adjustment of status, you will have to prove that you were cooperative with the police during the investigation, as well as with the prosecutor’s office during any criminal proceedings against the perpetrator of the crime.