How to File a Regional Center Application –

With limited and restricted financial options, developers are seeking alternative financing through the EB-5 program.

This may include all equity participation by the investors, or a hybrid of partial financing and EB-5 investors.

Each regional center application and project is accompanied by a comprehensive business plan.

A regional center application is filed with the USCIS in Laguna Niguel, California.

It is a long and pain staking process which will include the necessary reports for the proposed regional center and will include a Business Plan, Econometric Models, Marketing Information, SEC documentation, and Immigration components.

The detailed submission is collated by experienced counsel and submitted for review to USCIS, which can take several months to conclude its review.

If the USCIS has further questions or concerns, it can issue a Request for Further Evidence, known as an RFE.
This is not 
unusual as no regional center application is perfect, although some are approved on the first submission.

Once approved, the regional center will be able to operate within a prescribed geographical area for one or several specific uses.
If the purpose is not applied for within a 
reasonable period of time, normally one year, the regional center can lose its accreditation.

This is a serious situation if any investors are already committed to the project.
Finally, it is always helpful to identify a regional center which has a defined purpose and project. 

A regional 
center which does not contain a specific project from the beginning is doomed to flounder seeking the first project or opportunity.
Today, there are a wide variety of projects 
to choose from, thus such wishful projects are no longer necessary or desirable.

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