The Existence of a Family Link with an American Citizen

For purposes of immigration, the American government has established a classification based on the degree of family relationship existing between an American citizen and an applicant.

The visa granted based on these rules during a given year are for the most part based on the degree of family relationships and on a maximum number or visas per year.

We should note that there is no quota as far as admission of minor children and of the spouse of an American citizen as long as the birth or the marriage are legitimate.
One must take into account that there must exist a family link between parents, brothers or sisters who are Americans.

Aunts, uncles, cousins, are not considered to be close relatives.
As far as marriage with an American citizen in order to obtain a conditional permanent residence is concerned, it is important to note that the Immigration Department has proven to be tougher and tougher in its requirements.

Due to the considerable increase in the number of fraud cases in this field, since the month of November 1986, the “Marriage Fraud Act” allows an inquiry into such potentially fraudulent marriages.

In order for the conditional aspect of a case be overcome the marriage must be proven to have been bona fides (real) from inception.