The main mission as an Immigration Lawyer –

Today we’re looking at what it’s like to be an immigration lawyer, so stick around.

Alright, as you may already know, we explore career paths both in and out of law to help you find a career that fits you and help you succeed using your law degree.

Today’s guest is an immigration lawyer cofounded this firm after working in all areas of immigration law at three different immigration firms.

She’s got a lot of great stuff to share with us today, so let’s meet her.
Definitely.  Thank you for being here.

We’re excited to learn all about the Immigration Law practice, so we’re going to be asking you questions about a typicalday, who fits this path best, how to break in and how to succeed!

So let’s start witht his.  Tell us about your practice and what you do as an Immigration Lawyer.

I have a firm that I just started with a partner in January and we have a few associates that work for us and a few staff members.

We practice all areas of ImmigrationLaw, which includes family-based and removal defense and employment-based immigration.

However, employment-based is sort of its own world, so for this session I’m going to just focus on the family and removal-side of immigration.

So, to focus on the family-removal side, basically for family-based immigration,it involves a lot of family members petitioning other family members, either through marriage or parents petitioning children or children petitioning their parents, either for those immigrants who are here in the US or if they’re outside the country and they would counselor process in.

The removal part is the litigation part of immigration Law.  So, for those who like to go to court and argue and talk to judges, removal defense is the place to be.

For removal defense, we go to court, and Immigration is trying to deport our clients, either because they’ve been here undocumented or ran out of status or they might have committed somecrimes.

So essentially, removal defense is just asking the court through legal avenuesto try and keep our clients here.

What is the main mission as an Immigration Lawyer?

It is basically helping people who are not from America to stay in America. Essentially for family-based and removal defense, yes.

It’s basically,our purpose is to allow people to either come here or stay here.  Most of our clients, for a removal defense, are people who’ve been here many, many years – either, you know,average, probably 20 plus years.

They’ve been undocumented and they have – their whole family is here; their children, grandchildren and there’s also other clients who don’thave those facts as well but our main mission in immigration Law is to allow people to stayhere in the United States.

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