The United States of America is a nation of immigrants.

The United States of America is a nation of immigrants. The U.S. government has specíalízed departments and teams of employees devoted to assisting with immigration matters and improving curtcni processes. 
Regardless of varied public opinión, government agencies are making a daüy difference to add to the díversíty that defines thís great country. Citing the Department of Homeland Security website, on an average day. 
DHS will:
– Receive 3.000 new citizens to the United States; – Process 30.000 applications for immigration benefits; – Assist American parents with the adoptions of 125 foreign-born orphans; – Approve permanent residency for 3,400 people; – Distríbute 7,300 Permanent Resident Cards; – Process 200 refugee applications; and – Grant asylum to 40 people currently in the United States.(I)
It’s no secret that immigration processes in the United States can be complicated and confusing.

It’s an uphill battle for most. but it is a battle that can be won when armed with the right knowledge and resources to make properly informed decisions.
For anyone looking to visit the United States, emigrate temporarily or emigrate permanently, there are an overwhelming number of options to explore. 
This guide is meant to serve as a summary of the most common ways to enter the United States.

Once you have a betler idea of the specific process that will suit your situation, it will be easier to begin researching the details and requirements necessary for entry. 
This book attempts to offer a general overview and explanatíon on how to enter the United States for those unfamiliar with U.S. immigration processes. 
There may be uncommon or obscure visas that are not included in this guíde.

It is not meant to be comprehensive or all-inclusive, but rather a universal, go-to guide for the majority of visa applicants.
Throughoul this guide there will be various terms used to describe those applying for status in the United States versus those that already hold status in the U.S. 
Those applying for status may be called Foreign Nationals, Citizens of a Foreign Country, Immigrants, Nonimmigrant Applicant, etc. 
When referring to someone that is applying for a visa or already holds a visa status, the term “Beneficiary” is frequently used. 
For those holding permanent U.S. status, they will be referred to a U.S. Citizens, Lawful Permanent Residents, or Naturalized Citizens.