USA Visa and Immigration Myths

Many people suffered USA immigration consequences due to their reliance on information found on the internet. All the information that you could find on the net may be accurate, we have become aware of an visa myths arising out of incorrect information that is across the internet on sites ranging from chat boards to government pages.
Unfortunately, these visa myths lead to consequences of degrees, including the following:  1.) Somebody may forego applying for a visa category that would  allow him to establish a business in the USA, due to a mistaken believe that he is ineligible for the category,   2.) Somebody might consider that is authorized to carry on business in the USA that are, in fact, prohibited by law, visa denials, or worse.
The fact of the matter is that USA immigration law is very rarely, if ever it is important to distinguish between myths. In this article, therefore, we address the ten  visa myths  brought to our attention by our clients.
Myths Associated with the E2 Treaty Investor Category
1: “If i make a investment of just $500,000 in the USA, I will be eligible for an eb-5 pilot program.”
2: “I can apply for an E2 visa to allow me to travel to the USA to make my investment.”
3: “I can retire on the E-2 visa.”
4: “I need to travel to the USA to do some work for my employer. I am not employed by or being paid by a USA Company and I am only staying for a short period of time, so I can travel on the Visa Waiver Program.”
5: “The USA Business must be trading for one year before my foreign employer can transfer me to it on an L1 visa.”
6: “I am paid as a contractor, not as an worker, so I am not eligible to be transfered to the affiliated USA company.”

Myths Associated with Criminal Arrests and Convictions
7: “I have some criminal record, so I am required to apply for a Usa visa before traveling to the USA.”
8: “The conviction I have suffered is now spent, so I do not need why to disclose it to USA immigration.

Other General Immigration Myths
9: “Once I have been in the USA for several years on a non-immigrant visa, I will automatically receive a “Green Card” (Legal Permanent Resident status).
10: “I have stayed in the USA for the full 90 days of the Visa Waiver Program, but I am not ready to leave yet. I will fly out for the day and be able to stay for another 90 days when I re-enter the US.”