What are the Worker Visas in the U.S.? –

There are two categories for workers entering the U.S. They are permanent visas and temporary visas. If your work only calls for a temporary stay for employment, you would need to apply for a nonimmigrant visa with the assistance of a good immigration lawyer.

If you wish to live in the USA permanently, you need a green card or immigrant visa.

The H1B is a temporary visa for workers. Applicants for this visa must have a level of expertise in their field. Technology and biotech firms most commonly use this visa. Persons working for the Department of Defense also qualify. The H1B requires that you have a temporary intent to reside in the United States on a temporary basis. You must hold a highly specialized knowledge, which you can apply as well as a bachelor s or higher degree in your specialty. Many jobs qualify for a H1B visa including accountants, business executives, computer programmers, designers, engineers, journalists, pharmacists, and scientists.

Green cards or immigrant cards allow you to remain in the U.S. on a permanent basis for live and work. Worker s Green Cards fall into five preference categories Worker s Green Cards fall into five preference categories.

The categories are as follows:

1. Priority workers:  multinational executives, outstanding researchers, and persons of extraordinary ability. They receive 29% of Green cards.

2. Members of the professions holding advanced degrees or aliens of exceptional ability:  requires both a job offers and a certification. They receive roughly 29% of Green Cards.

3. Skilled workers, professionals, and other workers: includes degree holders and skilled workers. Approximately 29% of Green Cards are given to this preference.

4. Special immigrants: students, workers, investors, returning resident, and court dependent. 7% of Green Cards are disbursed in this preference level.

5. Employment creation investors Green Card: allows for a conditional Green Card, allowing that the business remains in place meeting certain qualifications. Approximately 7% of Green Cards are given here.