What damages can I recover if I get hurt?

Medical Expenses – Obvious, and includes immediate treatment as well as long term rehabilitative treatment.

Economic Loss – Constitute lost wages, property damage, loss of business reputation, loss of immigration status, etc., and other losses specifically measurable in dollars.

Disability – The reduction of a persons ability to perform or function in a normal manner due to a crippling condition or the loss of a limb; impairment of the persons normal earning capacity due to inability to perform tasks as before the injury.

Pain & Suffering – the intangible portion of damages; for example compensation for the agony of a bad accident or anguish or a disfigurement or the loss of a loved one.

Malpractice – Malpractice as commonly known is the negligent performance of ones duties by a Doctor, Dentist or even a Lawyer, which results in Damage to his patient.

Contingent Fee – A Contingent fee is a fee which is only earned by the Lawyer if he is able to produce an award for you. No Award, no pay the lawyer.  My contingent fees range from 25% to 35% depending on the complexity of the case and the lawyer.

Statute of Limitations:

An injured party is not allowed to “sit on” his or her claim.   The Missouri Legislature has established time periods within which a claim can be filed. These time limits are commonly referred to as the Statutes of Limitations.   Although certain claims may vary, the usual Statute of Limitations for personal injury claims is two years.