Activities on Federal Lands and Waivers of Environmental Laws –

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Over 800 miles of the southwest border and over 1,000 miles of the northern border consist of national forests and parks and other federal lands.

The 112th Congress has held hearings on challenges associated with immigration enforcement on federal lands.

Historically, these challenges have included jurisdictional conflicts between the border patrol and agencies within the Departments of the Interior (DOI) and Agriculture (USDA) that are responsible for law enforcement on federal borderlands,and lawsuits filed under environmental laws and regulations that have blocked or delayed fence construction.

Administration officials report that recent memoranda of agreement among DHS, DOI, and USDA have led to greater cooperation with respect to immigration enforcement on federal lands, and legislation passed between 1996 and 2006 gave DHS broad authority to waive environmental statutes and other requirements that might otherwise delay construction.

Nonetheless, a recent GAO report recommended that additional steps be taken to improve information sharing and interagency communication.

And legislation has been introduced in the 112th Congress that would waive application of certain environmental laws to border enforcement activities on lands within 100 miles of the border and would allow DHS to conduct certain security activities on federal lands without permission from DOI or USDA, including routine motorized patrols and deployment of temporary tactical infrastructure.

The House Committee recommended $500 million for Border Security Fencing, Infrastructure, and Technology— $74 million below the FY2011 level and $28 million below the Administration’s request; see House Committee on Appropriations Report on H.R. 2017, pp. 41-43. H.R. 2017, as passed by the House, would provide $500 million for these purposes.

The Senate Committee recommended $400 million for Border Security Fencing, Infrastructure, and Technology; see Senate Committee on Appropriations Report on H.R. 2017, pp. 43-44. 

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