Appealing a Court Decision

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Appealing a Court Decision Park Florida) Appeals attorney Eric Lanigan talks about the appellate process and appealing a court decision.

Most people you know when you watch courtroom drama on TV it’s always at the trial level. The witnesses are on the witness stand, the jury’s there. It’s exciting, right? Well, appeals are written and very rarely heard before a judge.

Who wants to watch a TV show about somebody making a legal argument in front of a panel of judges. That’s what an appeal is. An appeal is nothing more than, “I think this trial judge made a mistake. I want another judge to review it and here is the legal basis for my argument, based on this application of the law.”

You may not enter new evidence, new witnesses. An appeal is based on the law and application of the law by a judge. an appeal is when you have a situation where you think the judge has ruled incorrectly. If you go to the law library there are literally thousands of books of cases and everyone of those is an appeal.

So there’s plenty of cases being appealed. There’s plenty of cases where someone believes fervently that the judge has made a mistake. And when he has it should be appealed.

What kinds of cases are appealed? All kinds of cases are appealed. There are different types of appeals. If you have questions about your case, call the Lanigans for an appointment 407-733-2292. (Winter Park, Florida)

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