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Best Credit Repair Companies Forbes

How This Entrepreneur Found A Niche In The Credit Score Sector

Earlier this month, TransUnion released findings from its poll of 3,000 American adults. It stated that nearly six in 10 people say the pandemic has negatively impacted their income. Roughly 78% are worried about paying their bills and making good on loans. In 2019, it was reported that the average FICO score in America was 695, with the average Vantage score standing at 673. Today, people who normally pay their bills and credit cards on time are not only worried about where or when they’ll receive their next paycheck, but how this pandemic will affect their credit score.

Improve Your Credit Score

Knowing where to turn when your credit score has taken a dive, either from financial missteps or plain old neglect, is very important. We’ve picked some of the best credit companies on the market right now to explore in the article below.

At the age of 21, I was a financial disaster. I didn’t know my credit score from a hole in the ground, and had never been within smelling distance of my own credit report. When I finally took the important step of learning about my financial state, I was shocked to find my credit a mess. As it turns out, neglect does not a great credit score make.

Without the faintest idea of how to solve my dilemma, I turned to a credit repair company. In no time, the company was able to identify a total of three separate mistakes on my credit reports — three! — and work out a plan. Almost immediately, it was communicating directly with my creditors, and the reporting agencies, to correct the issues.

While not the solution to every credit problem, credit repair is a great way to polish your report and improve your credit score. Use the navigation to see our selections for the best credit repair companies or to learn more about credit repair.

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Credit Repair Companies: How To Avoid Being Scammed

There is a constant barrage of advertisements for credit repair companies on radio, television, print media and the Internet that target people with bad credit. They imply or directly promise that they can “fix” your credit or significantly raise and improve credit score. In many cases these solicitations or statements are misrepresentations or lies as to what legally can and cannot be done. And they charge a lot of money, often more than a thousand dollars for each account to “fix.” Some of these companies are total scams, preying on the poor, uneducated, or people that have found themselves in dire financial straits. They desperately need credit which is unavailable, ultimately because of low credit scores. These scores, which are relied upon by virtually every creditor, provide a snapshot of an individuals’ financial responsibility.

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