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There are several ways to gain the Green Card while living in the United States. It is important to keep in mind that there are a specific number of Green Cards granted each year and hence the rejection rate is considerably higher.

A Special Immigrant Green Card is granted to G Visa holders upon the completion of all perquisites. The applicant has access to specific public benefits.

Long-term G Visa holders employed at international organizations, residing in the United States for over 15 years prior to retirement may be eligible to apply for the Green Card. Proof of physical presence in the country for at least three and a half years will need to be submitted along with the application.

The employee can apply for the Green Card six months after retirement as well, if all other conditions are fulfilled.

Not only this, the dependents and close relatives of the employee, also in possession of the G-Visa and having lived for over 7 years in the US, are also eligible to apply for the Green Card independently.

Their applications need to be filed and processed before they reach the age of 25 years.

The spouse and the dependents under the age of 21 years are automatically accommodated on the employee’s Green Card as accompanying relatives.

In case of the death of the employee, the spouse and dependents will qualify for the Green Card independently, if all other conditions are being met.

In this case, the application needs to be filed within six months of the employee’s death.

It is imperative for the Green Card holder to remain within the United States for considerable periods.

If the person is constantly travelling, it might be considered as defiance of the rules, leading to the permanent loss of the Green Card.

After a term of five years, the Green Card holder may be eligible to apply for the US citizenship. During this period, the applicant needs to maintain good moral conduct, gain proficiency over the English Language, and successfully pass the US history and government test.

While the Green Card application is underway, it is important to maintain the possession of a valid G Visa, renewed periodically 60 days prior to expiry.

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