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Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT) are serious in nature and can result in severe punishment. CIMT cover a broad range of crimes, including things such as theft and forgery or crimes that result in bodily harm is either threatened or caused by an act that is reckless, including murder, assault, manslaughter, rape and the majority of sex offenses. There is actually no statutory definition for CIMT, so

For immigrants, admitting to or being convicted of CIMT can result in admissibility. Being convicted of such a serious crime can result in you being able to stay in the U.S. or return to the country. Because of the design of the wording for CIMT, many crimes could fall into that category if the court system chooses to do so.

Just one charge and conviction could be the end of your dreams of living in the U.S. An experienced defense attorney can fully assess the situation and complete an investigation that will reveal all of the facts. Only with seasoned legal help do you have the chance to avoid admissibility to the U.S.

Here are the consequences:

        If an individual is convicted of one CIMT, he or she may be sentenced to a year of longer if the crime was committed within 5 years of being lawfully admitted to the U.S. or the crime was committed within 10 years of being admitted to the U.S. if the alien has legally been given permanent resident status under the guidelines of being an informer of criminal terrorist activity.

        An individual becomes inadmissible if the crime warrants a penalty of more than a year imprisonment or if the sentence is for more than 6 months in jail. He or she is also inadmissible if convicted of two or more CIMT acts.

        If inadmissible because of CIMT, naturalization is barred for five years.

CIMT are a serious matter that require experienced legal counsel to help maneuver through the courts and to offer expert guidance. 

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