Federal Immigration Reform, Real Solutions or “Amnesty”? —

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Most troubling is the erosion of the rule of law, that a law is passed to keep one side happy and then not enforced to keep the other side happy.

If all we do is fortify the border it will make no difference, we would need roadblocks all around the country, stopping people without probable cause.

They don’t really get welfare benefits, but do get emergency care and education.

Even if we could enforce the law, within a decade American agriculture and food processing would have moved to Brazil and China.

Seventy percent of the agriculture workforce is undocumented.

It’s hard to imagine the automated busboy or nurse’s aid.

Most low-skill labor industries have moved, but not all can, like agriculture, construction, and hospitality, so the proposal is asking them to commit suicide.

We need to recognize the reality and manage it better, and that’s the consensus that ranges from the President to Senator Kennedy.

We need a three part approach: a legitimate way for employers who can’t find American workers to get the job done, enforce realistic limits on immigration, and reestablish the rule of law.

If we shut out immigrants it would drive up the demand for unskilled labor, so kids who mostly want to have jobs inside working with IT would be tempted to pick lettuce because it pays more.

Illegal immigrants don’t get welfare benefits, only emergency and K-12 education.

Immigration needs better regulation, and law enforcement will tell you they’re distracted trying to catch economic refugees rather than the terrorist who are coming over the border in the same wave.

It’s like Prohibition: it takes an awful lot of resources to try to make it work and it’s just unrealistic.

We have 11 million people with no background checks and we should ask them to come forward, register, get fingerprinted and pay the penalty and wait their turn.

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