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U.S. Citizens can sponsor their immediate relatives for a green card. Immediate relatives include spouse, unmarried child under the age 21 and parents. Immediate relatives do not have to wait in line for visa number or priority dates to becomes available. This is because immigration law provides that there are unlimited number of visas available in this category.

This type of green card is also known as “family based” green card and there are two main steps:

US citizen files form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative);

after filing Form I-130, the US citizen will receive a Notice of Action(Form I-795) stating that the application has been either received or approved by USCIS. After receiving this notice, you are eligible to file for Form I-485 (Adjustment of Status). When you file I-485, you must include a copy form I-130 receipt or approval. Note that you can apply form I-485 even if I-130 application is pending.

After you file form I-485, you and your lawyer will get a notice asking you to appear for biometric collection. Biometric collection involves taking your picture and fingerprints. The notice will include a specific location and time at which you have to appear for biometric collection.

You may also be called for an interview at the nearest USCIS office.

At this time, remember that you must provide all original documentation provided with the initial application. After the interview and all other processes are complete, you will get the final decision in the mail.

If you applied for a green card, sit tight, because the wait could be very long. The most common and easy way to keep track of your application, in other words, to check your green card status, is through the USCIS website.

You will be asked to enter your Receipt Number, which you have been provided from the USCIS after you applied for your permanent resident card. As a matter of fact, after you apply for green card, you will get a receipt notice (Form I-797) by mail.

With this receipt number, you can easily check green card status, go to the USCIS website and enter your receipt number. Once you click the ‘Check Status’ button, you will be provided with the current status of your green card application.

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