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The unique needs of American companies requires the availability of qualified and reliable professionals. Given the lack of qualified and available American workers in the industry, American companies have relied more and more on the importation of foreign professionals to make up for the deficit. Based on numerous studies, the US government understands that if visas were not available for this purpose, many companies would be unable to continue operations and some would be forced to outsource operations to other countries. Accordingly, the government has made several types of technology employment visas available. Please note that the following visa categories all require a employer sponsor.

The preferred visa for most foreign technology professionals and American companies is the H-1B Professional Visa. This visa is designed for foreign professionals who have a four year college degree and who have a job offer in their field of study. The job offered must be the type of job that would usually require a four year degree. The visa has a duration of up to six years. While in the US, the professional can also pursue Permanent Residence (Green Card) through the same employer. This process usually takes about three years, so the loyalty of the employee can be counted on.


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