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I 130 Interview Questions Sample

The very last step inside the marriage-primarily based green card process, the I-130 and I-485 primarily based on marriage to a U.S. Citizen, is the interview.

Please word that those questions are certainly pointers on which subjects officers generally attention on, and is not precisely what they ask or a guarantee that these could be asked.

I 130 Interview Questions Sample
I 130 Interview Questions Sample

They could ask more, and they may ask less. Each case is different.

In phrases of how long the interview is, it also relies upon on the information of the case and the officer you have. I’ve had a few that lasted less than ten minutes, while I’ve additionally had a few that lasted about two and half of hours. I’ve had some that had been interviewed together, and I’ve had some that had been interviewed separately. It depends on numerous factors – the length of marriage, age difference, etc.

Where does your spouse work?
What does your partner do?
What are your spouse’s hours at work?
What is your spouse’s salary?
How does your partner get to work?
What is your spouse’s role at work?
Does your partner drive, take the subway, bus, or walk to work?
Which bus does your spouse take?


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