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Uscis Stokes Interview Questions

These are some questions that the officer asked both of us in the STOKES INTERVIEW –

Please carefully prepare everything. l’ll update more questions later because i’m too sleep now. Any questions feel free to ask. Thank you

What is your full name?

What is your husband’s full name?

What is your husband parents name?


Have you ever met them or talk to them?

The last time?

How many siblings does your husband have?

How many siblings do I have?

How many people live with you currently?

You know where he live?

Have you ever talked to him?

What is your parent name?

Where did you and your husband celebrate the 1 year anniversary, city or place?

What did he give you last christmas?

And what did you give him?

Where both of you celebrated your Christmas? ( I was out of town at this time then she asked:

how did you guys communicate during this time ?

Who did Your wife visit in that country? (place I was traveling?

Who traveled with you?

What day did you leave?


Who picked you up at the airport?

Who proposed whom?

When and where my husband proposed me?

What did he give you on this day?

What did you two do on last Valentine?

What did your husband give you?

I answer he gave me a Pandora bracelet, then she asked anything else, I said no but my husband said yes balloon and candles but I forgot:)

Who pay car bills?

How much you pay for the old room renting?

Who pay that payment?

How many people live in the same house with you at that time (which means the house that we first rent a room, right now we already moved back to live with my parent) How many time my husband’s parent send him money?

Do you have any other banks besides the one that you and your husband have?

Who cooking at home?

Who does the laundry?

Who goes to sleep first? Who gets up first?

Around what time?

Tell me your spouse school’s schedule?

Your schedule?

Are you working?

Who pays your tuition ls your husband working?

Where? Name?


What is his salary?

Check, cash out or cash?

Are you guys both Catholic? (i’m originally Catholic, my husband just get baptism last march?)

Who attended in your husband baptism ceremony?

After that what are you guys doing?

Who cook for this party? (because after this we have a party at home)

Did you guys have any trips together?



Reason why?

How many days you stayed at Las Vegas ( our first trip) What do you guys normally do together?

What`s your husband’s hobbies?

Does he like any sports?

What`s Your hobbies?

What kind of music that you’re listening to?

How about your husband?

Are you and your husband watch show together?


Do you guys pray every night?

What kind of praying?

Read the Bible or what?

When was the last time your husband gave you flowers?

Where was your first date?

How is your husband?

How long did your husband meet your parents?

How were you met your husband?

I have same class with him then she asked why you took that class?

Do your parent like him?

What did you both do on Sunday?

Who drive the car to church?

Who went with you?

What church?

What time of the mass?

After going to church, where did you guys do?

What did you do on Sunday`s night?

Can you spell the name of the Churches that you normally go?


Do you guys always go to church on Sunday?

Why do you decide to get married after a very short engagement?

How many car both of you have?

What kind?

Are you guys sharing a car?


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The Stokes Interview Process.

The Stokes Interview Process

During a Stokes interview the immigration officer can question every member of the couple severally in addition as together. Because of this, the interview method will take many hours. It’s vital that everyone answers the queries honestly and as overtly as possible.

To begin off, the immigration workplacer can bring the couple into his or her office to debate why the primary interview didn’t go well. The immigration officer will then check the Stokes interview procedure, eventually separating the spouses from one another.

During the separate interviews, the immigration officer can raise terribly personal and invasive questions. Generally, the officer will ask identical inquiries to every spouse. This method are going to be recorded to check if there are any discrepancies between the spouses’ answers.

After each interviews are completed, the immigration officer will then bring the couple in along and raise them to elucidate any discrepancies. The couple should convert the immigration officer that their relationship is genuine. If the immigration officer is convinced that the wedding is legitimate, then couple’s case are going to be approved. However, if the immigration officer has reason to believe the marriage was solely entered into so as to get a inexperienced card, he or she is going to deny the case.

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