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If you of a family member have been arrested by the immigration police (ICE, Immigration & Customs Enforcement), it is crucial to hire an experienced New York Immigration Attorney experienced with deportation cases.

When I have a client detained by the immigration authorities, I always make sure that a motion for a bond is filed with the immigration court within the first 48 hours of being retained.

AS an immigration lawyer, my first priority is to secure release from custody of my clients.


How to Get Immigration Bond Money Back

The person who posted bond to get an alien out of detention can get the bond amount returned once the immigration case is completely resolved.

But, knowing the person posting the bond is entitled to get the bond returned is not the same as knowing how to get the immigration bond back.

The outcome of the case, whether the alien is granted relief by the immigration judge and can stay in the United States or alternatively has been removed from the country does not matter in order to get the bond money back. In either case, the a decision has been made on the alien’s case and the alien no longer needs to attend an immigration court hearing.

The condition for a refund for immigration bonds is that the alien has attended all scheduled immigration court hearings and notified U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “ICE “, of any change of address. If the alien failed to do so, the bond money is forfeited and kept by the government.

Immigration bond refund form PDF.


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