Immigration has its own mythology —

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Immigration has its own mythology. Other immigrants went through great hardship and crossed oceans to get here, so why should we single out folks from Central and South America?

She finds that to be racist and involves racial profiling.

Most people come here for economic benefit, and we present the notion of equal opportunity and thus perpetuate the myth.

Crime is down all over the county, except in Maricopa County, but it is not true it’s caused by the influx of immigrants.

We should have immigration reform that is humane, constant, and done by the federal government.

She’s worried about fear-mongering and anti-immigrant feelings that are unjustified, and one result is that crime goes unreported.

Arizona bears the shame of the hate crime in which a Sikh man was killed in racist vengeance after 9/11, and people are taking the law into their own hands.

Others are criminalized for providing humanitarian aid. Immigration is a civil matter, not a criminal one.

Local law enforcement is not trained to enforce immigration law.

An example is what happened in Chandler, Arizona, where local law enforcement rounded up people based on skin color or their language without reason.

Law enforcement relies on relationships with the community and wants to find people actually engaged in criminal activity.

The only law locals can enforce is against those smuggling immigrants or an actual invasion.

In this country we have not yet heard the phrase “show me your papers” which should send chills up and down the spines of Americans.

All our enforcement efforts must measure up to the Constitution.

If there is a compelling need, we need to look at the social and economic effects, the right of travel, privacy, and freedom from search and seizure.

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