Ina 240 – INA §240 (2011): Removal proceedings –

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Ina 240 – INA §240 (2011): Removal proceedings –

An immigration judge will conduct proceedings for deciding the deportability or inadmissibility  of an alien.

An alien that stay in proceedings under this section could be charged with any applicable ground of inadmissibility under section 1182(a) of this INA 240 title or some applicable ground of deportability under section 1227(a) of this title.

Unless otherwise specified in this part, a proceeding under this area will be exclusive and the sole procedure for determining whether some alien will be able  be admitted to the USA or, if the alien will be removed from the USA.

Nothing in this section should affect any.proceedings conducted pursuant to section 1228 of this title.


Ina 240 – INA §240 (2011): Removal proceedings


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