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MFORCE Research is a full service market research provider and a proud member of the Chicago Minority Business Council. Since 1998, we have been providing high-quality nationwide recruitment and project management for our partners throughout the country. We have also pioneered our own Audience Response Technology, which uniquely blends qualitative and quantitative methodologies (referred by some as Dial Tests or Electronic Data Collection).

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MFORCE Research is a full service market research company featuring Audience Response technology/Dial Tests, Usability, Ad Testing/Optimization, Qualitative/Quantitative Methodologies along with Nationwide Recruitment, Field Management and MLAB Testing Facility.


What is a focus group?
It is a form of market research in which a group of people are asked to discuss their opinions on a specific subject, such as a product, product packaging, an advertisement or a service.

What is the purpose of a focus group?
Organizations conduct market research studies to learn more about the attitudes and feelings of consumers in order to provide them with the best possible products and/or services.

Who runs the discussion in a focus group?
Trained market research professionals, known as moderators, lead the group discussions. They introduce topics, keep discussion on track, make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate and ultimately, give feedback to the sponsor of the study.

What type of questions will I be asked?
It will depend on the type of study. You may be asked why you purchase a particular product or why you choose one brand over another. Sometimes, you may be shown an advertisement or a new product and then asked to give your honest and immediate reaction to it.

Are my answers confidential?
Any opinion expressed in a focus group is always held strictly confidential, and is for research purposes only. We operate in strict accordance with the research industry code of ethics.

Will I be paid for my participation?
Respondents are always paid for their participation. The amount will depend on the study and will always be disclosed to you up front.

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