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Unless you were born in the United States or were born abroad from one or two U.S. citizen parents, you need a Visa or a Green Card to live and work in the United States.

Even after you get a Visa, you must obey the rules and conditions of your status. You also have to maintain an outstanding record of good conduct and avoid criminal convictions. Otherwise, you can be placed in deportation proceedings by the U.S. Government. A legal paper called Notice To Appear (NTA) will be served to you, and will explain you the grounds for removal.

If that happens, a New York Federal Deportation Lawyer must be retained as soon as possible. Several remedial measures can be taken to preserve your legal residency in the United States.

First, it is possible to contest the charges of removability while in immigration court. The U.S. government will be represented by a trial attorney, but they will have the burden of proving you are removable from the country.

Second, even if you are found to be removable, you may be able to apply for reliefs from deportation, such as a Waiver of Cancellation of Removal.

Finally, if you are ordered deported by an immigration judge, you can file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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