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Notice to Appear NTA – Deportation Defense Attorney Deportation Lawyer

Only U.S. citizens have an unrestricted right to live and work in this country. U.S. Citizenship is granted by: Birth in the United Stated; Birth in a foreign country by 1 or both U.S. citizen parents; Naturalization of a Green Card holder. Lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders) can live and work in the United States indefinitely, but can be deported if they are convicted of 1 or more serious crimes.

Deportation is usually referred to as “removal” and occurs when the Federal Government removes an immigrant from the United States for violations of immigration or criminal laws.

Once deported, an immigrant may lose the right to return to the United States, even as a visitor. Get more info here: – Criminal Immigration – Understanding the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction

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The Notice to Appear (NTA) is that the instrument that starts removal proceedings against a remote national. It would require them to look in immigration court. You might receive an NTA by mail or in person, or it can be sent to your attorney. A foreign national visiting be|are} allowed at the least ten days between receiving the NTA and going to their 1st court hearing, though you’ll be able to waive this requirement. (Many foreign nationals waive the necessity if they’re being command in an exceedingly detention facility and can’t prepare for unleash on bond.)

Before you move to the hearing, you ought to review the NTA to certify that you just know it and are ready to correct any mistakes on it. For example, if your name or address is incorrect, you should correct the error so you’ll be able to receive mail concerning your case.

Information on the Proceedings and Allegations
The immigration official WHO completed the NTA can have checked one among 3 boxes. These will state that you just are Associate in Nursing inward alien, you’re an alien gift within the U.S. who has not been admitted or paroled, otherwise you are admitted to the U.S. however are removable. An arriving alien is somebody who was stopped by immigration authorities at an entry purpose into the U.S. and has not however been admitted. The second box applies principally to undocumented immigrants, who entered while not inspection. The last box applies to someone who antecedently command lawful standing in the U.S. but may not hold that status. Perhaps they committed an explicit form of crime, or maybe they merely overstayed the amount of a non-immigrant visa. If you are feeling that the incorrect box is checked, you ought to justify the error to the choose and raise them to correct it.

The factual allegations in the NTA will state that you are not a U.S. citizen, and you are a citizen of your home country. They also will state the date and place for your entry or attempted entry into the U.S., as well as whether your entry was authorized and whether any time limit applied to it. Finally, the section on factual allegations will provide the facts supporting your removability. You will need to admit or deny each of the factual allegations in the NTA at the Master Calendar Hearing. Read more here about the Master Calendar Hearing.

The Charge of Removability
Below the statement of factual allegations, the NTA will provide the charge of removability. This is a formal way of stating the reason why you can be removed from the U.S. If you contest the charge, you will need to deny it at your Master Calendar Hearing. You can then present your defense at the merits hearing. The government attorney also will present their case for your removability in more detail. The immigration judge then will determine whether you are removable. If you are, you still may be able to make a defense to removal or seek other forms of immigration relief.

You can also choose to concede the charge of removability and focus on a defense to removal. This can be a smarter strategy if you do not have a legitimate argument against the charge, since the same judge will hear your opposition to the charge and your defense to removal. Read more here about the merits hearing.

Procedural Elements
The NTA often will provide the time and place of the Master Calendar Hearing, but sometimes a foreign national will receive a separate Notice of Hearing with this information. You should make sure to show up in court when required, since you can be ordered removed in absentia if you do not appear. This may mean that you waive any defense to removal.

You should review the rights listed on the NTA, which include your obligation to inform the immigration court if you change your address. You also must obey a court order of removal if this is eventually issued, or an order of voluntary departure if you obtain this type of order. The NTA will state that you have a right to an attorney in immigration court, but you do not have a right to a government-paid attorney, as you would in criminal court.

The NTA will contain a Certificate of Service. You can potentially buy time by raising any problems with the service of the NTA, although this probably will not permanently defeat the case.

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