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Once approved for U.S. conditional or full residency, the prospective resident will receive, at the home address listed in the U.S., the actual I-551 residency card.

The “green card,” which is now white, will be sent via regular mail.

The residency card(s) may also be mailed to the attorney‟s office if so directed.

This chapter is of great importance in that numerous administrative errors may still arise in the delivery of the card itself. It is imperative that investors be aware of such potential errors.

To begin with, the actual manufacturing facility may have a delay or breakdown in production.

As such, the I-551 stamp on the passport becomes critical for work and travel purposes and acts as temporary evidence of permission of such.

Second, the U.S. postal service will simply mail the card to the recipient without regard to whether the investor is home or will receive the card in the regular mail.

There is no evidence of receipt of the card or its mailing.

Therefore, those who will be away for extended periods of time must ensure that someone is watching the mailbox, looking out for the brown envelope containing the green card.

It is normally very nondescript and can be confused with other mail.

Third, there is a distinct possibility that the presiding officer failed to order the residency even though residency was approved and conferred at the interview overseas or in the US.

For such situations, contact the Customer Service line in order to determine the source of the error and have it corrected.

Do not rely on the U.S. postal service for delivery of this coveted card.

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