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I am very happy with this service that this professional of the law has given me.

He helped me get the visa S that gives the force of order in the United States to investigate crimes and terrorist activities

The violent crime control law is a law passed by the congress that allows the creation of the S visa. It was a response to the terrorist attacks of September 11.

In any case, I must say that this immigration lawyer from New York has treated me very well and has solved the problems I had in the face of managing this visa. Of course, they would recommend it to other professionals who need a fast service in order to get a visa.

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The S Visa is given to aliens who assist U.S. law enforcement to investigate and prosecute crimes and terrorist activities. The S Visa is often known as the “snitch visa”.

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S visa Requirements. S Visa Lawyer for S Visa Program. S Nonimmigrant

S Visa Program:. S Visa for nonimmigrants and S visa restrictions. (S Visa Attorney)


S Visa Requirements – #svisarequirements #nyc #ny #nj https://mydlv.com/criminal-immigration-understanding-the-immigration-consequences-of-a-criminal-conviction/
Alien Registration Application (Form OS-155A). OS155a Form download. OS155a processing time.

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