Undocumented Student Program staff with an Immigration attorney and a psychologist –

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Undocumented Student Program staff with an Immigration attorney and a psychologist

A psychologist a and an immigration attorney are joining the staff Undocumented Program of the campus.
Prerna Lal, an attorney at the East Bay, and Diana Pena, a staff member at Berkeley  Psychological Services, will be members of the USP.
The director of the USP, said position arose because of a rise in undocumenteds’ calls for innovation in the mental health services. Lal’s arrival was due to an realization of a need for models of support for undocumented, as the landscape of immigration remains on tenuous ground.
Undocumented deserve to be legally and mentally prepared for Berkeley, so this is a  step towards gaining resources for students.
Salinas thinks the two positions will help also the campus but also their retention rate.
As the first of an university in the United States, both new positions will be privately funded.
Lal will provide counsel, workshops, direct legal representation to undocumented students at UC Berkeley.
Furthermore, he will be holding office hours for students, and these could become available to family members. She could also meet with interested members of the campus about immigration.
Undocumented live with anxiety and family members being deported from the USA. We hope that the services program we are making in Berkeley can assess pathways for students so they do no have to worry about deportation for their loved ones.
The health needs of students came very clearly in the annual survey. Students have high levels of anxiety, stress, fears of separation. We realized this services will need to be innovated.
According to So, 400 undocumented students from 20 countries will access to these  services in the 2016 academic year.

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