Want To Be An Appellate Lawyer? Dreaming About SCOTUS

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Want To Be An Appellate Lawyer? Dreaming About SCOTUS

http://jdcareersoutthere.com/appellate-law-the-law-career-supreme-court-junkies/ Want to be an appellate lawyer? Law jobs in appellate law are focused on writing briefs and crafting creative arguments akin to putting a puzzle together. If these sound like your strengths and interests – and you dream of going before the US Supreme Court, then being an appellate lawyer might be the career path for you!

Being an appellate lawyer is explained in this interview with Cindy Tobisman, a partner at the civil appellate boutique Greinis, Martin, Stein & Richland in Los Angeles. Cindy tells us that appellate law is one of the careers for lawyers that often involves a solitary existence due to the amount of time required for research and writing. At the same time, she says, you need to be able to communicate verbally in case you end up standing before a panel of appellate justices.

Whether you’re in law school, debating whether you should go to law school or wondering what jobs to do with a law degree, you may want to check out appellate law. In the full interview at JDCOT, Cindy tells host Marc Luber how to break in to appellate law jobs and explains a typical day, what skills and personality types best fit these careers for lawyers, and how to succeed once you’re there.

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