What are the companies that sponsor H4 to H1 visa in the US? – H4 to H1b sponsoring companies

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What are the companies that sponsor H4 to H1 visa in the US?

H4 to H1b sponsoring companies


All you should do is apply for any kind of short term courses in some USA universities.

Thn you could also seek change of visa status from H4 to F1-Student Visa, and then, initially get CPT Curriculum Practical Training from that University and on CPT.

You will be able to work which is practically a work authorization after you completion your course in that university, then you will be eligible for OPT-Optional Practical Training and from there, you can look for H1-B Visa work authorization sponsorship.


Anyway, there are more than 1000 companies that are sponsoring people for an H1b visa. Yes, including those who switching from H4 status.

Additionally, most companies will sponsor someone for an H1b visa even if they had not being sponsored from someone before.

The critical aspect you will must know is selling to the company why the person that needs sponsorship (you) will be the best candidate for that job, and of course, you worth the time and extra costs it means.


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How to get h1b sponsorship?

Here are the top 6 methods to locate an H1B visa sponsor for 2020 so you can report your petition:

– Look for a Job inside the H1B Visa Sponsors Database. …
– Apply for the Job and Get an Offer. …
– Find an Internship. …
– Look for Boutique Consulting Companies. …
– Look for Global Consulting Companies. …
– Find a Job at a US University.


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