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What are the types of maritime accidents for which you consult an offshore injury Lawyer?

When an individual seeks employment within the offshore trade, they perceive that the duty comes with inherent risks different work doesn’t. a number of the foremost common offshore injuries will be severe, even critical.

These risks of suffering these injuries is greatly enhanced once employers and different staff are negligent in their duties. At The Lambert Firm, our knowledgeable about American state offshore injury attorneys have helped staff hurt in many various styles of offshore accidents.


Offshore staff ordinarily expertise maritime injuries including:

Back injuries: whereas not perpetually harmful, back injuries will severely impact an offshore worker’s ability to perform his job, poignant his future earning potential.
Burns: These injuries will be among the foremost severe, with long physical and emotional scars.
Spinal cord injuries (SCI): Injuries to the spine will result in disfunction and loss of limb function.
Brain injuries (TBI): staff that suffer traumatic brain injuries will have issues with long psychological feature and medical specialty functions.
Amputations: The loss of limbs or digits could occur throughout AN offshore accident, or be necessary as a results of the injuries sustained in AN accident as a part of your medical treatment.
Crush injuries: staff at bay between or underneath serious objects will suffer crush injuries, to the entire body or to limbs and digits.
Orthopedic injuries: once the bones, tissue or joints are livid, the short- and long effects will vary from minor to severe.
Eye injuries: Injuries that have an effect on the eyes will result in vision loss or impairment, rendering the employee unable to come to his job.
Acoustic trauma: Hearing injury will have long effects on your ability to figure, further as your ability to operate commonly in way of life.




Many of those injuries will be classified as harmful. which means they need the potential to be life-altering in nature. looking on the severity of your injuries and also the circumstances that contributed to them, you will be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future wages
  • In the most severe cases, these injuries will result in death.
  • Workers’ families is also entitled to compensation through a death claim against the accountable party.

 If you work at sea, you will know it can be difficult also very emotionally hard as you are very far away from your house and family.


You are entitled to time off and other medical care till you regain your health, in case you are hurt by any of the offshore accidents.

If you were injured while handing maritime cargo or working on a crane, you mus tknow you could consult an offshore injury lawyer.

Due to improper  maintenance of jack-up rigs , sometimes accidents could happen.

Also you could call to a lawyer to claim your benefits, in such cases.


A passenger travelling in a cruise ship, for instance, if injured during an accident onboard, then he can avail the services of an offshore injury attorney.

The passenger can go to a lawyer, if the accident occurred due to alcohol or drug  overdose by the crew on the ship.

offshore injury lawyer
offshore injury lawyer

Oil rigs out in the sea are one inhospitable places to work for anybody.

There are many of chances for accidents to occur, while working with combustible substances.

offshore injured attorney
offshore injured attorney

If you have been injured in an oil rig accident, you could consult an offshore injury attorney.

In case the accident happens due to negligence of the management or because of some improper maintenance of any equipment, then you may take the help of a lawyer to claim your cure benefits.

An offshore injury lawyer will help you to understand the principles of cure benefits that you could avail when you are injured due to a see accident.

You would be entitled to full medical and after hospitalization care benefits.

The lawyer will also help you ask for a compensation for the lost wages and the loss of your future earnings.

Don’t feel sad about your condition, if  you’re hurt because of a maritime accident.

Get compensation for your loss.

Consult a reliable Lawyer.

You can get very well soon and provide for your family at the same time.


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