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The requirements for the immigrant entrepreneurs are, in general, as follows:

Fifth preference: Employment creation investor:

(i) The investor must normally invest $1 million in a new United States business and create jobs for ten United States workers.

If, in fact, the investor is investing in a high unemployment area of the United States, called a “target area”, or a rural area of the United States with a population of below 20,000, the required investment amount is cut to $500,000.

The list of target areas are provided by relevant state authorities. You should consult with a qualified immigration attorney.

(ii) For the investor who wishes to bail out a troubled business, the investor must invest the required sum and simply maintain the status quo of the employees. (It is not clear at this time whether the number of employees must be a minimum of ten.)

(iii) For the investor who is infusing capital into an ongoing business, which is not in trouble, the investor must increase its net worth by 40% or increase its number of employees by 40% over a two-year period.

The investor must show that his or her investment funds were not obtained through any criminal immigration violation.

The employment creation visa yields a conditional or probationary stay of two years for the investor and his or her family, at the end of which he or she must prove that he or she met the requirements of his or her particular route to this green card, as referenced in the initial business plan.


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