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What is Business litigation?

Business litigation involves business clients in disputes in business transactions or relationships, with other businesses, government entities, or groups of individuals. Business entities involved in business litigation are partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, holding company, joint venture, corporation, or business trust.

Parties may include consumers, businesses, shareholders, or employees.

As an example, an investor suffering from excessive financial loss as a result of unethical behavior by a broker, may pursue business litigation.

Often business disputes can’t be resolved through negotiation or arbitration proceedings.

So business litigation is a way to remedy the situation. Business litigation is a complex area of law which includes a variety of contractual and tort claims.

Examples of claims, requiring counseling and handling include but are not limited to:

  • tortious interference with contract
  • bankruptcy
  • business torts
  • antitrust
  • internet law disputes
  • breach of contract
  • partnership or insurance disputes
  • privacy and data security
  • unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • securities fraud
  • breach of fiduciary duty.

Business litigation does not mean that a lawsuit has to be filed in Court, but can take place outside the bounds of the courtroom.

An attorney specializing in national and international business litigation with a considerable experience managing and resolving class actions in many areas, will counsel you.

He will be able to save you or your company a significant amount of money by seeking a resolution through mediation, arbitration or other means of alternative dispute resolution.

After a successful completion of a two-year pilot program, the Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court (BLS) was launched in 2000.

The BLS, a permanent session of the Superior Court, offers a forum for business and commercial disputes, benefiting from individualized case management.

The BLS is made up of two full time sessions committed to the efficient resolution of business disputes or other complex cases.

The Business Session was extended including cases from Suffolk County, Essex, Middlesex and Norfolk Counties.

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