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People living in busy cities have been turning to bicycles as a mean of transportation progressively more often in the past few years, according to recent studies.

In New York City, there is a high demand of rental bicycle that has led Citi to lunch a bicycle sharing program that has expanded considerably since it was first launched.

However, bicycles are a dangerous ride, especially in busy cities like New York.

The consequences of a bicycle accident may be catastrophic. If you fall off your bike, you may get a head concussion, break an arm or a leg, or even dies as a result of being run over by another vehicle.

It is important to learn what to do in case of a bicycle accident, to try to limit the consequences of the event.

First of all, it is very important to try to reach the side of the street after falling. This will avoid further injuries from another automobile or truck behind you.

Second, call an ambulance even if you are not sure that your injuries are severe. It is crucial that you receive proper medical attention after an accident.

Third, try to take as much information as possible on the scene of the accident, such as license plate numbers, names and phone numbers of witnesses, and the name of the police officer intervened to the scene.

2This will help your bicycle accident lawyer to collect all the necessary information and evidence to be submitted to the insurance company, so that you get compensated for your injuries.

Finally, you should allow yourself a full physical recovery before riding your bicycle again. It is important that your injuries heal properly so you can avoid other complications.

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